At James Estate, we enjoy the simple life... smiles, laughs, friends and fresh air... wine is a bonus!

The Latin translation of our motto Vitai Lampada is "the torch of life" which acts as a guiding light through life - is certainly relevant to our people.

It's interesting if you look at where you (or the people around you) are in life and then look back to see how you got there. The path is more often than not a convoluted path full of twists and turns and a series of events that made little or no sense at the time.

This is pure Vitai Lampada in action. At James Estate we have a fantastic and varied "collection" of people that have all been guided here at this point in time. Everyone of us is unique and we all have something to contribute, teach or learn. This attitude makes for better people and certainly makes for better wine.

We work hard, but love what we do. We hope that you enjoy our drinking wines as much as we enjoy making them.



More than just a winery!

The Ridge Walk showcases the natural beauty of our region with commanding views in all directions, overlooking James Estate winery, The Goulburn River Valley and our highest peak Mount Dangar.

The full trail is a signed 4km (return trip) Grade 3 walk. To fully appreciate the experience it is best to allow 1 ½ hours for the walk from the James Estate cellar door. For the less energetic there is a shorter walk available that still affords spectacular views of the winery, vineyards, the Goulburn River and Wollemi National Park.

A Grade 3 walk is suitable for most ages and fitness levels although some bush walking experience is recommended. Walkers will encounter some natural obstacles and short steep sections, so sturdy footwear is highly recommended.

The Ridge walk is open during cellar door hours (10:00 pm to 4:30 pm daily) for visitors to do a self-guided walk.

For more information please contact James Estate on 02 6547 5168 or call into the cellar door at 951 Bylong Valley Way, Baerami.

2 wheel’s more your pace?
Graeme and his team has made an awesome network of mountain bike trails to suit a wide range of skill levels.

All trails are suitable for most ages and fitness levels although some MTB experience is recommended. Riders will encounter some natural and manmade obstacles, short steep sections some fast downhill and sandy patches. All trails are rideable two ways so take it easy out there with your fellow MTB’ers.

The ride from the James Estate cellar door takes you back down the driveway and though the working winery and vineyard so you will need to give way to all winery and vineyard traffic - tractors and trucks, utes and cars.

Here are a few house rules!
* Helmet essential – Gloves etc recommended. *Two Way – Share with care. *Check before committing. *Look out for Cautions & Double Downs. *Gates - Leave them how you find them!

So if you’re up for it, Wattle Avenue, School of Rock, Go-Anna, Sucked In, Airs Rock, Lenny’s Bypass and Desperado trails are all ready for you to conquer. To fully appreciate these trails, it is best to allow a couple of hours riding time.
The MTB Trails are open during cellar door hours (10:00 pm to 4:30 pm daily) but we understand some people will want to ride outside these hours so let us know and we'll be able to accommodate you.

For more information please contact Graeme Scott (02) 6547 5168 or call into the cellar door at 951 Bylong Valley Way, Baerami.

We have two Cellar Doors in two great locations to visit in the Hunter Valley.

Our historical home is located in the Upper Hunter at Baerami.
(951 Bylong Valley Way, 02 6547 5168)

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Our Lower Hunter Cellar Door is conveniently located at Pokolbin.
(1210 Hermitage Rd, 02 4998 7992)

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The Upper Hunter Valley is Australia's oldest wine growing region dating back to 1825; well renowned for its Chardonnay, Shiraz and unique Semillon.

When planning your Upper Hunter visit, James Estate cellar door at Baerami is situated atop a hillside with outstanding views of the surrounding Wollemi and Goulburn River National Parks. More importantly though (from a wine lovers point of view) is the surrounding 250 acres of vineyard that provides the home base for James Estate grape supply.

From this commanding position, the winery and cellar door mark the change of seasons as the vineyard bursts into life in Spring, is harvested in Summer, turns golden brown in Autumn and is pruned in Winter.

Take the time to take in the scenery, we know you'll love it!

951 Bylong Valley Way, Baerami, NSW 2333

Open: 7 days from 10:00am to 4:30pm